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  • Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps
    Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps
    Authentic and Responsibly Sourced Himalayan Salt from the Himalayas. All salt lamps are handcrafted to perfection. We take pride in delivering the best quality salt lamps in accordance with high material standards.
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  • Discover the miracle of salt therapy to enhance wellness, body and mind rejuvenation
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Himalayan salt crystals formed 100 million years ago when the sea covering the surface of the earth dried up, leaving the earthly residue to accumulate and form salt crystals after years of pressure under the mountains. The highest quality salt crystals accumulated over the years to form salt caves the in Himalayas where we mine salt crystals to craft our authentic and beautiful salt lamps. These salt crystals help to naturally purify the air through ionisation, and come in different varieties from bright red, pink to white color crystals. We constantly source for the highest quality, 100% authentic and certified grade AAA himalayan salt from the Himalayas to deliver the best hand-crafted salt lamps. Our store includes beautiful and authentic pink himalayan salt lamps, salt candle holders, salt carved bowls, white salt lamps and salt therapy products that enhance wellness and rejuvenation.

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